In this hour-long class we focus on:

  • The integration of developmental movement patterns to embody yoga poses. For example, a “mature” belly crawling is what supports an effortless cobra pose in which both strength and flexibility have been organized through reflexes.

  • The balance between stimulation and relaxation to honor the functioning of the nervous system.

  • The dialogue between body and emotion to empower a sense of safety and self-confidence.

Recommended to all teens who desire:

  • to develop coordination, ease, and grace

  • to discover a love for the body’s inner wisdom

  • to enjoy effortless and experiential learning

  • to feel supported in individual challenges

  • to learn to focus through awareness of the breath


“The depth of Canelle’s work and its grounding in the body has provided a foundation for our daughter to feel safe. Canelle’s unconditional love nourishes a relationship which supports the blossoming of our daughter.” - Debbie Glickman & Ron Ben Shalom

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