After a check-in, the session is structured to meet your desires and support your personal needs. Sessions are one-on-one or can be shared with another.

For people of all ages who wish:

  • to strengthen their balance skills through vestibular stimulation and activate their postural core muscles with the use of exercise balls, thera-bands and a vibrating board

  • to create an individualized program that supports the fine tuning of brain-body connection. We can address:

    - recovery from injuries and brain trauma
    - the process of aging gracefully, such as through menopause
    - alignment and postural tone

For those interested in experiencing the Body-Mind Connection to Source through:

  • building a neurological foundation that allows life to thrive within you

  • developing an awareness and embodiment of the powerful subconscious parts of the brain

  • enjoying the experience of being present to yourself and allowing your support systems, such as the breath, to hold you at one in universal consciousness

For Yoga practitioners and teachers, personal trainers, and athletes who wish:

  • to deepen their experiential understanding of the neurological foundations of Yoga

  • to embody developmental movement which is at the origin of Yoga

  • to access, feel and express the mind of cellular presence

  • to integrate the experience of the yoga poses on a cellular level


“Canelle models a loving way to hold myself.
She tunes into my needs to facilitate change.
She offers access to nourishing my heart, body and mind.
She is gentle, perseverant, has a peaceful heart kind of strength.
She allows me to ride the wave of what is alive for me at the moment.
She empowers and inspires me to explore patterns that are more effective for me.” - Shelley

"As a yoga teacher I often practice a pose to a point where I feel that I have found its depths... then I work with Canelle. To my amazement and delight she inevitably coaches me to more profound awareness and greater ease. I cannot imagine anyone doing this type of work with more knowledge, intuition and grace than Canelle." - Tom Robinson, Director of Marketing and Events, Breitenbush Hot Springs Retreat and Conference Center.

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