Play is the brain’s favorite way to learn. Creeping and crawling, twirling and bouncing are some of the activities that stimulate and organize our brain. These patterns build a strong neuronal foundation for healthy physical, emotional, and behavioral processes.

The prime time for learning this language of movement is the first year after birth. This language of movement naturally develops as babies interact with their caregivers and environment.

For many of us this developmental sequence has either been interrupted, damaged by trauma, or has not been fully facilitated and supported. The result is an experience of feeling overwhelmed.

The practice of Developmental Movement reactivates the maturation process at any age. When this process is complete, we function in a thriving mode and life is experienced with flow and ease.

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“I am deeply committed to engaging adults and children in joyful experiences as we do the repatterning. I am very grateful for the opportunity to create together more loving, effective, and wholesome avenues of expression in our relationships with ourselves and with others.” - Canelle

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